Our Mission:

Midwest Hat Trick Hockey was founded in 2010 with the goal of having the best training for our children.  Two hockey enthusiasts, Brad Grodsky and Al Fushi, realized that traditional training was offered by local coaches who were primarily focused on children from their own teams.  Our approach was to offer the highest level of training for all children from all areas and levels of experience. 

This fresh approach was welcomed and Hat Trick has successfully sold out every year.  We limit the amount of participants to ensure individual attention.  Our children are participants, so you can be certain that we care about the quality of the overall experience.

Assistant Coaches:

Katherine Bartelings - 6 years

Kenny Grodsky - 6 years

Spencer Van Tiem - 6 years

Reid Bartelings -3 years

Case Bartelings - 3 years

Adam Ryfel - 4 years

Seth Cohen - 2 years

Adam Steinwold - 3 years

Josh Grodsky - 1 year